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Building high-performing teams fosters innovation, increases productivity, and drives organizational success. Our team effectiveness solutions help your teams get grounded on trust and a common purpose so they can quickly align on collective goals and values, collaborate for better problem-solving, and share accountability for results, creating a competitive edge in today's dynamic business landscape.


Team Alignment

Explore and grapple with what shared purpose and collective success means for the future.  

This includes:


  • Team leader briefing

  • Team workshop to ground on future state, with emphasis on what business strategy is needed to win and what the team needs to do individually and collectively to secure that future.


Team Assessment

Assess team culture readiness to actualize desired future state 

This includes:

  • Interviews, psychometric and work style assessments,        multi-rater surveys

  • Organization review of performance, engagement, and related metrics

  • ​Analysis of aggregated data to gauge the readiness of the team to adopt the mindset and behaviors to transform their ways of working.


Team Development

Confirm and activate the

path forward

This includes:

  • Team workshop to debrief insights from readiness assessment

  • Align on collective development plan with individualized elements to address each member's needs

  • Establish Team Commitments and cadence for team development checkins

  • Deploy team member development plans  

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Our High-Performing Teams solution leverages TalentTelligent's model of team effectiveness which provides a comprehensive set of assessments and tools that help teams unlock their full potential by increasing trust and enhancing productivity to achieve remarkable outcomes.

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